Lip Service: Ace your best selfie smile

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Smooth & exfoliate

An HD lens can be unkind to winter-weary lips, exposing every crack and line and magnifying any flakiness (which is downright cruel if you’re wearing dark lipstick!). Perfect your pout with a DIY lip scrub before you slick on lip balm, gloss, lipstick. Mix sugar with coconut oil, smear on to lips, leave for a minute or two and then use damp washcloth to massage lips. Voila - watch dry skin slough away.


Condition before colour
Our lips are the thinnest skin on our whole face, so when they’re exposed to the elements like wind, sun and dry indoor air, they can look weathered, fast. That’s why it’s always a good idea to double-down on moisture to keep your pout plump. Post-DIY scrub, slick on an clear lip balm like eos Organic Smooth Sphere Lip Balm to help combat shriveled lips – it’s petrolatum-free and packed with all-natural coconut oil that acts like a barrier to lock in your lips’ natural moisture and all-natural jojoba oil, known to be rich in vitamin E and B-complex for an antioxidant boost. And all-natural shea butter drenches lips with moisture so they feel super soft. Sweet Mint is a personal fave – moisturizing but doesn’t feel “medicated.”

Layer on lipstick

This season’s must-have is a long-wear lipstick formulation – from pigment-packed matte lipsticks to will-not-budge liquid lipsticks. These can look cool, but sometimes severe. A little trick to add fullness and life to the lips to swipe a shine-enhancing lip balm with pearlized pigments (try the eos Shimmer Lip Balm in Pearl) right in the centre of both your top and bottom lip. When your lips catch the light from your Lumee case, they will look plush.  

EOS Pearl shimmer

Shine on
Sometimes you’ll want to opt for no-makeup makeup – like when you’re bored in an Uber and take a few selfies (#beenthere). If you want a trick for brighter, whiter smile, try eos Shimmer Lip Balm in Shimmer Pink. It will make your lips look rosy and that subtle contrast will make teeth look brighter, no FaceTune necessary.